With the advancement of technology comes new things every day. Earlier, there used to be just herbal treatments, later facials, and then plastic surgeries and Botox came into the market. Then dermal fillers made their way. These fillers have collagen, acid gels and other synthetic material that lifts the skin and removes wrinkles. But are they really safe?

How to know it is safe?

Getting a dermal filler injected may involve risks as all medications or other surgical procedures are not risk-free. But if you are getting it done from a plastic surgeon or a registered medical professional in a reputable hospital or skincare clinic, the procedure might involve fewer risks and would be safe. The choices are to be made wisely. Moreover, milder fillers like Collagen are safer as compared to the stronger ones.

What makes filler long lasting and safe? 

The quality of a filler of not getting absorbed into the body makes it long-lasting. The long-lasting fillers become a part of the body remaining unabsorbed. These fillers are cost effective and save the patient from the hassle of being frequently injected. They are like a long-term solution for all the beauty concerns.


There are several things that should be taken care of while getting a dermal filler treatment.

  • Know what you are getting

You should be well aware of the type, quality and cost of the filler you are being injected with. You should know the filler and its constituents and should be aware of the technique of injecting the filler correctly. Also important is the approval status of the filler. They should be FDA approved. Knowledge of all these things will help you make a better and safer choice.

  • Be conscious about the risks

The filler treatment procedure might involve some risks and you should be conscious about them. These might include: skin inflammation, skin eruptions, redness, rashes, itching, bruising, discoloration, formation of lumps etc. Other serious but rare conditions are partial vision loss, blurred vision and stroke. Injectable silicone that is unapproved can cause severe injuries or even death. Also, this treatment is not suitable for people with skin allergies and other disorders.

  • Choose a licensed healthcare provider

Since the dermal filler procedure involves risks, it is extremely important to get the treatment done from a licensed healthcare provider. You should choose a certified cosmetic surgeon or the one who is in the cosmetic dermatology world. Discuss the risks with him and also ask about his experience in injecting dermal fillers. The right person will examine your facial features and your skin type and will select a filler that suits your skin type to avoid any danger or risk.

  • Know what fillers and situations to avoid

There are few fillers and situations that you should avoid:

  1. Avoid getting fillers from unlicensed filler providers and from places like private hotels, beauty parlors etc.
  2. Avoid buying fillers from the internet. They might be harmful or contaminated.
  3. Avoid getting fillers injected into body parts like breasts for body contouring or enhancement.


There are certain ways through which you can minimize the risks involved in this procedure.

  • Don’t let price be your guide.

There may be some fillers that are not too expensive and others might be too expensive but do not let price be your guide. Consult your health care provider and ask him about the potential benefits or risks of a certain filler. A cheaper filler may be better for fulfilling your requirement. Only a professional can tell that. Do not go for cheaper or expensive ones without expert advice.

  • All wrinkle fillers should be done in a medical setting with sterile instruments.

Do not go to any random salon or spa for a filler treatment. This is a scientific procedure and a very serious matter. This procedure should be carried out in a medical setting under the supervision of a certified and qualified medical professional, with sterile instruments in order to avoid any danger, risk or infection.

  • Know what you are being injected with, and ask your doctor if an FDA-approved wrinkle filler is being used

There are fillers approved by FDA which are safe to use. Always ask your doctor whether the filler that is being used is FDA approved or not.

  1. Make sure that the product that is being used for treatment is approved by your country’s regulatory body. It is always advised to do your research about the filler and discuss it with your healthcare expert.
  2. It is also very important to discuss your expectations from the treatment with your surgeon, so that both of you are well aware of the results. And your expert can guide you well.
  3. Discuss your medical history with your expert also, so that he knows of the medications you are taking or have taken previously. Also discuss your any significant lifestyle pattern so that better treatment can be ensured and risks minimized.
  4. For preserving the fillers use sunscreen. This will also provide protection against any pigment changes caused by the needles of the injections.


  • What are Natural fillers?

Natural fillers are the ones that use ingredients that are present in the human body or those ingredients that are similar to the ones found in the body. These fillers are suitable for those with sensitive skin and for those who experience allergic reactions. These fillers have hyaluronic acid or collagen as an essential active ingredient.

  • Material use

These fillers are used to smooth out wrinkles and fill any other superficial lines on the face. They can also enable and promote collagen growth.

  • Types of natural dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid Calcium hydroxyl apatite are two categories of natural fillers that are produced in our body also. Hyaluronic increases moisture, it helps retain collagen and increases elasticity. calcium hydroxyl apatite stimulates collagen production, and it is highly effective for deeper lines and wrinkles.

  • Names

Some FDA approved dermal fillers are: VOLBELLA, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Silk etc.

  • What are Synthetic fillers?

Synthetic fillers are those that do not use any ingredients found in the human body. These fillers last longer than the natural ones and have more permanent results.

  • Material use

These fillers are used to add volume to the face and to give the face a fuller and better shape. To enhance the size of the cheeks or lips.

  • Types of Synthetic dermal fillers

Sculptra and Radiesse are two important categories of synthetic fillers. These fillers are most suitable for cheeks, chin, scars and also help remove folds and lines. They also increase collagen production and Radiesse is especially effective for contouring purposes.

  • Names

Important synthetic dermal fillers are: Bellafill, Radiesse, Sculptra, Silicone


Fillers are a beneficial beauty treatment for people who want to enhance their looks but they have their risks. The choice has to be made wisely to achieve best results.


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