You might think that you’re an expert on everything related to hair like what style would suit you the best or what cut should you get next. However, did you know that women’s haircut reveals a lot about their personality just like facial features do?

Here are ten things about a woman’s haircut you might not know, and secrets they hold.

  1. If you always tend to curl your straight hair, then you might be just craving more fun!

Just like you eat certain foods to fulfill what your body wants, curling your hair can also symbolize a craving that needs to be satisfied. It is believed that curling your hair opens up the opportunity for exciting experiences since your hairstyle appears to be interesting. As a result, you broadcast a fun and positive vibe to people around you.

  1. If you always straighten your curly hair, then it is an indication of the chaos going on in your life and the need to relax.

According to Chinese medicine and practice, every person has the underlying desire to be in balance. So, when you straighten your hair, you get to control the intensity of it which in turn provides you a feeling of calmness.

  1. A shoulder length wash and go hairstyle indicates how much logic means to you and how much of a thinker you are.

Apart from being easily frustrated and impatient, the hairstyle also suggests the ability to think smartly. This hairstyle is perfect for such people because there is no fuss. That’s why such a hairstyle is usually adopted by someone who values logic the most. Such women tend to be good thinkers too.

  1. If you have long hair and a touch-and-go hairstyle, then you are quite in touch with your feelings!

Moreover, you also tend to be more creative as well as romantic. You are one of those that stick to going with the flow.

  1. An extremely short wash-and-go hairstyle means you don’t like fussing over anything.

Of course, you don’t want to fuss over your hair which also means that you aren’t really in touch with what you feel.

  1. A high maintenance hairstyle means you are either a drama queen or self-critical.

Since a high maintenance hairstyle requires a good amount of time to get ready, it indicates either of two things. One, you worry too much about minute details, are anxious and quite self-critical or you just crave attention because you like being a drama queen.

  1. Women who neglect their hair and just make a messy braid tend to put others needs before their own.

If you really don’t care what your hair looks like or you tend to skip haircuts, then you usually tend to put other people before yourself.

  1. If you like to have your head shaved, then there is a high chance that you are incredibly romantic.

Being bold by choice also indicates that you have a big heart that pairs up perfectly with your sparkling personality. Moreover, you are quite willing to love!

  1. Having a blunt cut means that you talk straight to the point.

A person with such a haircut sets goals, values logic and is always driven. The reason behind such a haircut is that it is easy to maintain and does not need too much effort.

  1. Layered hairstyle tells you that you are a perfectionist.

A layered cut has to be in perfect order so that it appears fantastic. Thus, there is a high probability that if you have layers, then you are a perfectionist.

So, the next time you see a woman with a specific hairstyle or you decide to change your own hair keep in mind the information mentioned above and how it relates to personality.


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