Yes, it is completely safe. It sure has some side effects but it is safe to undergo mesotherapy. The procedure is performed by injecting a personalized solution of various ingredients under the skin in the mesoderm tissue. This procedure has been done since 1958 and has produced very positive results.

Mesotherapy is regarded as an alternative to the procedure called liposuction and weigh loss surgery which is being performed in Europe and South America since the past few decades.

Experts who perform mesotherapy say that the injections that are used during the procedure instigate cells in the body which contributes in the breaking down of the fat deposits. It even makes them melt down and reduce the overall cellulite level. The mesotheraphy injects a kind of substance that releases the fat in our body from being stored.

Generally, carbohydrates and glucose are used up before fat but this process alters this slightly. It fastens up the natural fat breaking process in our body and uses it to produce energy. It targets those stubborn areas especially which are not responding to exercise and diet.


Mesotheraphy makes use of drugs and medicines which are approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration but there is no particular set of ingredients especially for mesotheraphy that have been approved by them.

Prescription drugs, plants extracts, herbal and vitamin supplements that are injectable are some of the products used in mesotherapy. They are used in a liquid form so it can be injected in the bloodstream.


Mesotherapy injections are made up of a mixture of various ingredients including prescription medicines, herbal and vitamin supplements, over the counter medicines, plant extracts etc. The ingredients are all approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration but the combined mixture however isn’t. Mesotherapy costs from $700 to $2700 on an average but the number of sittings and injections also play a part in the overall costing.

Undoubtedly, mesotherapy is a safe procedure but whenever you make some changes in the normal working of the body and its process there ought to be some side effects.  Most of the mesotherapy cases have minimal side effects which are not serious at all.

Slight swelling or tenderness along with some pain maybe felt on the injected areas. The patient might experience this for a couple of days after the treatment. A skin lesion may also develop but that too will heal on its own with time. In some cases, the patient undergoes nausea, diarrhea and vomiting temporarily and scars might even develop in the injected areas.


Mesotherapy allows you to reduce fat, remove excess cellulite, tighten your skin etc. It is essential to provide your entire medical history to the doctor, cosmetologist or dermatologist and discuss which areas would you like to enhance or improve. Photos are taken of those areas which need the treatment and a sample injection is given to test for any allergic reactions.

A numbing cream in applied to the area prior to the first session to minimize the pain. A patient might get around 100 small injections or more during mesotheraphy in the areas which require the removal of excess body fat. The mesotherapy session is about 30 minutes long but the number of areas that are being treated can elongate or shorten the duration.

A standard treatment that ought to produce lasting results can incorporate 12-15 weekly injections and a follow up after every six months.

Every patients experiences some variations in the results but a general consensus is that results will be apparent after three treatment sessions. A noticeable reduction in the body fat and cellulite would be seen. The effectiveness of the results varies and there are no scientific researches that prove the working of mesotherapy.

When one undergoes weight loss and body shape changes by mesotherapy the results last a long time. But it is recommended by every doctor, cosmetologist and dermatologist to keep visiting them every six months to maintain the overall effectiveness. In order to get the best results from mesotherapy, a healthy diet has to be incorporated in the daily life along with a workout session at least 30 minutes long every day.

The recovery time of mesotherapy is very less as compared to other weight loss and facial rejuvenation procedures. For most of the cases, the first few sittings one would not even have to miss work or feel anything uncomfortable. Any pain and irritation felt by the patients also vanishes in a few hours or days.

The treatment itself isn’t very painful and patients report experiencing very minute pain when the needle is being injected. Temporary bruising, skin irritation and burning may also be there for some time. When the fat deposit is comparatively larger a mesogun is used which uses 10 injections at a time. Moreover, the U.S Food and Drug Administration has also approved an invasive delivery method which is less painful called the Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto System. It tends to exfoliate the skin prior to the deliverance of the drugs and thus patient have reported significant reduction in the pain and discomfort.


A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet should be a part of your life even before mesotherapy. It is essential to exercise daily and avoid being overweight. It is especially recommended for people who are healthy and just aim to remove those fats that are not being dissolved by exercising and dieting.

aIf one has some health related issues mesotherapy is not the best option. It will also not be effective on a person who is extremely over weight and obese. People who have heart diseases, diabetes, cancer or are pregnant should not undergo mesotherapy as it is not recommended at all.


Mesotherapy is an effective way to get rid of the excess fat in your body but it is important to do a complete research before deciding to do it. A full medical checkup will also be very helpful so is highly recommended. Communicate with your doctor throughout as one should know what their body will undergo, pay attention to all the details and you are good to go.


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