What is a Thread Lift?

Thread Lift is a type of face-lift cosmetic surgery. It employs the use of special threads which hold the repositioned skin in place once the surgery is performed. This way it eliminates the sagging of skin around the jawline, cheeks, and neck. It is an advanced technique of facelift and is known to be safer and more convenient as compared to the conventional technique. The cost of this type of facelift is also quite reasonable in comparison to the old methods of face lifting. This is the reason it has gained popularity and people tend to prefer it over all other means. During a thread facelift, the surgeon inserts a special type of threads into the face skin through several tiny incisions made in the area that is to be targeted. These threads adhere to the skin tissue and are then pulled back up to lift the face. Almost immediately after this, the treated areas will be slightly raised, removing sagging and giving patient’s face a youthful look.

What Does a Face Lift Really Do?

A Face Lift is basically repositioning of skin such that all the fine lines and wrinkles are cleared out so that the skin looks young and firm. This is a surgical method to serve this function. The tissue of the skin is repositioned employing several different techniques (use of threads in case of thread lift) to hold the skin in place after the surgery is completed.

Is It Effective Treatment for Skin Tightening?

It is a very effective means for skin tightening as it is advanced and more in practice. People have actually undergone this surgery and ended up very happy with the face lift that they got. This is simply a method to reposition your skin, and the success rate is very high so if there is one word for its effectiveness, that would be YES!

Who Should Consider a Thread Lift?
As stated earlier, thread lift is a cosmetic surgery for all those people who think that their skin looks old and saggy and they want to change it into a plump, youthful one. This normally happens once you have crossed your forties or fifties. So, all those people who have an urge to look young and have a face that shows no wrinkles, are all welcome to go for this facelift treatment as it is a very safe one as compared to the conventional one and the effects that it reaps are quite surprising and good.

What is the Age Limit for a Face Lift?

There is no fixed rule of age limit for getting a facelift. A person could be young or really old. The primary and the only requirement for a person to be eligible for a facelift surgery is to be in a good general health and state of mind. A surgery, whichever it may be puts a certain stress on the body, so before getting a facelift, just make sure that you are healthy enough to withstand that stress and that is all you need!

Conclusion: Is a Facelift Worth It?

Well, this is more like a personal preference. If a person is unhappy with the skin he has or the way his face looks, he has every right to go for a facelift and if a person is happy the way he is, he may not choose the same option so the choice is entirely for you to make. However, what is more advisable for all those out there is that if you are under the age of 40 that you should avoid facelift surgeries and that too for trivial reasons. Get it when you actually need it!
But once it is done, it is effective and actually turns the clock back!


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