What type of hair styles are suitable for professionals

Everyone working as a professional has to face public dealings every day unless you work from your home which is entirely different. Anyway if you’re someone who dresses up and goes to a nine to five job then there is one problem you’ll have to deal with daily. The said problem, besides pushing yourself to get out of bed, is trying to pick a decent hairstyle that gives you a fresh and classy look.

Now there are only a handful of hairstyles you might know of which is why we have handpicked five trendy ones which are easy to do and look professional.

  • The classic Swiss bun

This easy to do updo is a five-minute job, but it is perfect for a meeting or even a regular day at work. All you’re required to do is tie your hair in a low ponytail, roll it up and twist it inwards, tuck the end of your hair inside the twist to make a roll and you’re done! You’ll have a perfect Swiss bun in no time. This hairstyle is recommended because it keeps the hair off of your face. This is important because having hair all over your face in a professional environment gives a very shabby and untidy look. To avoid this, a Swiss bun is a good hairstyle to opt for.

  • The sleek topknot

To give off an edgy yet subtle look, a topknot is a right choice. It has trendy, young and sassy written all over it. The steps are simple. Hold your hair up in a high ponytail, roll them up and tie a regular knot, only this time with your hair. Secure with bobby pins to make it hold through the day. To give it a personal spin you can also add in braids. This awesome hairstyle is sure to give you a modern and professional look.

  • The simple side tuck

Once a while you might feel the need to let your hair down and bring out that fun and carefree side in you. Luckily with one simple trick, you can throw your hair open even at work without having to maintain and reset it repeatedly. Go ahead and iron your hair straight, and part it from the side. Now, take a strand of your hair from the front and pin it on the side just like a curtain opening. This will help keep your hair away from your face so that it doesn’t interrupt you while working. This can also be done with some loose curls if you don’t like the straight look.

  • Side braid ponytail

The side braid ponytail is a classic. It gives a very young and chic look. It adds a little texture to you hair and gives off the impression that you actually worked on it. The steps are simple. Part your hair from the side, take the front portion of your hair and make a French braid, as you reach till the back of your ear, incorporate it with the rest of your hair and tie it up in a ponytail. You can do the same even with middle parting with two French braids.

  • The evergreen ponytail

This hairstyle can never go wrong. It works well when you’re in a hurry and when you’ve got no other ideas for a hairstyle. In short, this hairdo is a lifesaver.  All you need is a single hairband and some hairspray. Brush your hair out thoroughly, swipe it away a bit from the crown area so that the hair doesn’t fall. Brush it back and tie it all up in a ponytail. Splash in a little hairspray to give it a neat look.

Try these hairstyles out and change your overall look while keeping everything suitable for a professional setting.


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